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Rosemary A. Jozwiak is also a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Clinically
Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, Gender Specialist, Energy Worker, Reiki and
Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner. Rosemary is specially trained and has over 25
years of experience working with adult survivors of abuse, sexual assault, incest, adult
children of alcoholic or toxic families, anger management, conflict resolution, grief and
loss, stress, anxiety and depression, chronic illness, self-esteem, women's issues, spiritual
development, life success coaching, relationship issues, divorce or breakup recovery,
personal and professional life changes, gender confusion, professional supervision, health
and wellness, energy psychology, relevant issues for the Lesbian, Gay, Questioning
Biattractional, and Gender Variant community as well as their family members.
Bernadine A. Petzold holds a Doctorate in Psychotherapy, retired school educator,
Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner and is a lifetime educator and has over 25 years
experience working in areas of addiction and recovery. Dr. Petzold has been working for
over 30 years in the areas of addiction, issues resulting from childhood sexual abuse,
emotional and physical abuse, anger management, depression and anxiety, grief and loss,
life planning, life transitions, adolescent issues, conflict mediation and resolution,
parenting issues, women’s issues, sexual identity, self esteem, issues specific to gay and
lesbian individuals and couples. She works with all ages including adolescents.
Maureen L. Bernard has over 10 years of experience working with individuals and
families   struggling with addictions.  Maureen's experience includes: Early Intervention for
first-time offenders with substance abuse as well as those clients who struggle with mental
health issues in addition to chemical dependency.  In addition, Maureen has a Bachelors of
Science and a Masters of Science Degree in Foods and Nutrition and has free-lanced as a
Nutritionist for over 20 years. She has offered Nutrition Counseling for individuals and
families, developed, implemented and presented holistic food-based curriculums used in
pre-school and grade schools throughout Southeastern MI.
Ellen M. Rogowski is a Master Teacher with 25 years of teaching experience. A graduate
of Oakland University with a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master's Degree in
Reading and Language Arts.  In addition, Ellen is a National Board Certified Teach which is
the highest certification a teacher can achieve in the United States.  Ms. Rogowski has
experience teaching elementary, middle school, high school, college and alternative
education.  She is considered highly qualified in all subject areas as dictated by the No
Child Left Behind Law.  She specializes in educational support, test preparation, reading
acceleration, math review, social studies, science instruction and other academic areas.
Michael D. Jozwiak started Martial Arts in 1998. He is currently ranked as a Senior
Instructor (3rd degree Black Belt).  Michael is proficient in   Tang-Soo-Do (Korean Style)
and certified in Pressure Point Control Tactics, Kick Boxing, Self-Defense, Family Personal
Protection, Open Hand Techniques, Small Circle Jujitsu, Weapons, (staff or bo, cane,
knife, kubonton). He has spent hundreds of hours practicing, reading and teaching many
people the art of Karate. In addition, Michael is a  practitioner of Zazen meditation.   
Michael not only uses Zazen for daily living and martial arts but finds it very effective
with Quantum-Touch Healing® and Reiki. By keeping a clear mind, he is able to focus on
quickly raising the energy vibration level, and running life-force energy on those who wish
to begin the healing process.

We at
Rosemary A. Jozwiak and Associates are Holistic Psychotherapists, Lecturers,
Life Coaches, National and Local Consultants, Educational Instructors, Workshop
Presenters, Healing Facilitators and Activists. We have co-authored and published several
articles on women's health issues, domestic violence, anger management, addictions,
emotional health, mental wellness, daily living and the impact of domestic violence on
children. As Master Clinicians and Lifelong Educators, we have practiced psychotherapy
and counseling services in educational settings, for non-profits agencies and for profit
private practices.

Sample Workshops, and Personal Intensives Include:

  • How to Choose a Therapist  
  • Trauma Healing  
  • Taming Your Anger  
  • Test Taking 101
  • Rebuilding After The Break-Up/Divorce
  • I Want To Change But How?
  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Coping With Chronic Illness
  • Mending The Wounded Heart
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • Holistic Personal Development
  • Quantum-Touch® Healing Introduction
  • How To Talk To Your Teenager and Be Heard
  • Spirituality-Finding Your Center
  • Women – Over Coming Food & Substances as Coping Methods
  • Mental Imagery - Transform Your Life
  • Toxic Family Members – Learn To Cope
  • Creating/Maintaining a Healthy Relationship
  • Dream Language—Developing Your Style
  • Restoring Your Inner Child
  • Emotion Management – Depression & The Blues
  • Coming Into Your Own – Creating an Authentic Self
  • Women’s Anger, Women’s Rage
  • Intimacy Enhancement - Communication in Love Relationships
  • How to Gain Control of YOUR Life
  • Recovery of Alcohol / Drugs as coping mechanisms
  • Self-Esteem Enrichment for All Ages
  • Moving Beyond Childhood Trauma
  • Positive Confrontation – Yes, It Can Happen.
  • Fueling The Love Flame  
  • Find Your Spiritual Path
  • Personal Focus – Meditation
  • Creating Win-Win Solutions
  • Releasing The Grip Of Anxiety
  • Use Life Force Energy for Self Healing
  • Family Personal Protection - Self protection for the whole Family

Samples of Seminars and Professional Development Include:

  • Taming The Stress Tiger
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Self-Empowerment for Helpers
  • Preventing Workplace Violence
  • Self Defense - Quick Escape
  • Grace Under Pressure – Self Protection for Women
  • Seniors Under Pressure – Self Protection for Senior Citizens
  • How to Work with Court Ordered Assailants
  • The Invisible Victims: Children from Domestic Violence Families
  • Unmet Health Care Needs of Biattractional and Lesbian Women
  • Invisible Lesbian, Gay, Biattractional, Transgender and Questioning Youth
  • Professionals Working with Lesbian, Gay, Biattractional Transgender Clients

As national and local consultants, we have been presenting workshops, seminars and
personal intensives since 1980. Our approaches expand participants’ awareness and offer
direct experiences that open the doorway to new learning.